Landscape Xpressions Exquisite Panoramas
Villa 93, Street 5, Mirador 1- Arabian Ranches
25 Oct 2016

Space to unwind

Using large pavers and a sleek stone fireplace turns a small lawn between house and garage into a “decompression chamber” perfect for relaxing after work. Embellish those small unused corners and alleys in your villa with a mini budget and spectacular effect! Call us for more details..+971521153355


24 Oct 2016

Materials – mix magic

Generally landscapers tend to have lots of landscaping ideas for plants and fewer for their hardscapes (nonplant materials). You must push your landscaper to add a level of interest to your yard by adding materials of different textures and alluring hues. Here, the feel of lawn and rough cut flagstones makes for a pleasing contrast against smooth beach pebbles and gravel. See how the flagstones and pebbles are of the same colour but the different materials give it an uncanny soft look; it’s an example of using delightful materials in repetition.