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22 Dec 2016

Personality Profile – Jan Gehl

Jan Gehl is a Danish architect and urban design consultant based in Copenhagen whose career has focused on improving the quality of urban life by re-orienting city design towards the pedestrian and cyclist. He is a founding partner of Gehl Architects.


Gehl first published his influential Life Between Buildings in Danish in 1971, with the first English translation published in 1987. Gehl advocates a sensible, straightforward approach to improving urban form: systematically documenting urban spaces, making gradual incremental improvements, then documenting them again.

Gehl’s book Public Spaces, Public Life describes how such incremental improvements have transformed Copenhagen from a car-dominated city to a pedestrian-oriented city over 40 years. Copenhagen’s Strøget carfree zone, one of the longest pedestrian shopping areas in Europe, is primarily the result of Gehl’s work.

Gehl participates in and advises many urban design and public projects around the world:

In 2004 he carried out an important study in to the quality of the public realm in London, commissioned by Central London Partnership and Transport for London, and supported City of Wakefield and the town of Castleford in developing and delivering better public spaces, as part of an initiative known as “The Castleford Project”.
In 2007–08 he was hired by New York City’s Department of Transportation to re-imagine New York City streets by introducing designs to improve life for pedestrians and cyclists. The DOT used Gehl’s work to “directly inform” the implementation of their new urban planning and design policies and projects.
Gehl has been influential in Australia and New Zealand as well, where he prepared Public Life studies for the city centres of Melbourne (1994 and 2004), Perth (1995 and 2009), Adelaide (2002) Sydney (2007), Auckland (2008), Wellington (2004), Christchurch and Hobart.

Gehl credits the “grandmother of humanistic planning” Jane Jacobs for drawing his attention to the importance of human scale. “Fifty years ago she said – go out there and see what works and what doesn’t work, and learn from reality. Look out of your windows, spend time in the streets and squares and see how people actually use spaces, learn from that, and use it.”

17 Dec 2016

Contemporary Front yard

A pleasing front yard with a steel grey blue tiled walk way. Its contemporary and with the clean cut lines gives a very officious look. More suited for a person with a real professional outlook in life and with a corporate veneer. Definitely wont suit the more bohemian minded folks as a personality! This is one of my favourite ways of passing the time…. trying to actually be able to describe a person just by looking at the front yard or the landscaping in general. I have been amazed at some of my deductions! You try it too when you have time on your hands!


14 Dec 2016

Fascinating outdoor ‘staircase’..

This fascinating outdoor staircase does more than transport visitors from one part of the landscape to the other; it also magically transforms the space into a wooded retreat. Large stone slabs carve the landscape like a visual of a mountain stream. Moss pokes out from the nooks between the rocks and the ferns add stunning colour to the scape. Japanese maple tree form a picturesque boulevard of the walkway.


13 Dec 2016

Sun dappled back yard…

Inspiration for a sun dappled yard. Sometimes the brief is simple and to the point. And practical. Vegetables are the main focus here. Lots of sun and drip irrigation for a neatly laid out garden. The approach and the fencing also very staid and functional. All in all, a backyard put to work. Organic gardens…

09 Dec 2016

“View in My Room” Houzz app…

“View in My Room” is a new tool in the Houzz app that gives you the power to experiment with home decor options by virtually placing products from the Houzz Shop in your home before you buy. The Houzz app, updated with View in My Room, is available to download on the Apple App Store℠ and Google Play™.

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08 Dec 2016

A wood and rock patio…

A simple rock garden with a wooden patio give an elegant look to the back yard. Ideal for areas with less water and might i say it … less maintenance. Shades of a Japanese garden? Well the beauty lies in the yes of the beholder! If you cant get the red pebbles, gravel will do too. Lawn patches might even be a tempting idea instead of the large rocks….

01 Dec 2016

2016 U.S. Houzz & Home survey

New data released from the 2016 U.S. Houzz & Home survey found that over one-third of homeowners on Houzz (68 percent) plan to include a recreational area in their newly-built custom home. The most popular rooms for fun? Gaming and entertainment rooms top the list with appearances in over one-quarter of custom built homes (29 percent), followed by home gyms (22 percent), libraries (18 percent), home theaters and kids’ playrooms (both 17 percent). Kids playrooms are especially popular among Millennials (38 percent) and Gen Xers (24 percent).

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17 Nov 2016

Brick and blue stone pavers

Somehow I am fascinated by brick pavers. They keep testing my creative limits and I am surprised by how adaptable these garden paths are to different materials. These brick and blue stone pavers form just the perfect materials for a grunge look against overgrown leafy sides. For more ideas on embellishing your back yard or your front yard please call me on +971521153355.

15 Nov 2016

Eclectic cushion colour grabber!

Eclectic. That’s the one word that comes to mind with this colour grabbing cushion scene. You might be wondering how in heavens is it possible to have such a comfortable setting in Dubai, with the mercury reaching up as it does! Well… anythings possible in Dubai! #LovinDubai