Landscape Xpressions Exquisite Panoramas
Villa 93, Street 5, Mirador 1- Arabian Ranches
27 Oct 2016

Small Corners…

LANDZX Landscaping isnt just about big budget projects. In fact small assignments or add on assignments as part of our maintenance up selling give us great joy! This is a narrow side space that isn’t used much but there was a window from the villa that looked out on the space. We wanted to make it cute but spectacularly pleasing to the eye…


25 Oct 2016

Desert gravel garden

A courtyard in the desert style is a natural spot for a gravel garden planted with lavender, New Zealand flax, and olive trees or just plain green scrub.

Add stylish and practical touches to your outdoor space with these great ideas for paths, patios, firepits, showers, and more.

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gravel garden
25 Oct 2016

Space to unwind

Using large pavers and a sleek stone fireplace turns a small lawn between house and garage into a “decompression chamber” perfect for relaxing after work. Embellish those small unused corners and alleys in your villa with a mini budget and spectacular effect! Call us for more details..+971521153355


24 Oct 2016

Materials – mix magic

Generally landscapers tend to have lots of landscaping ideas for plants and fewer for their hardscapes (nonplant materials). You must push your landscaper to add a level of interest to your yard by adding materials of different textures and alluring hues. Here, the feel of lawn and rough cut flagstones makes for a pleasing contrast against smooth beach pebbles and gravel. See how the flagstones and pebbles are of the same colour but the different materials give it an uncanny soft look; it’s an example of using delightful materials in repetition.