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Villa 93, Street 5, Mirador 1- Arabian Ranches
12 Nov 2016

Houzz launches scholarship program

Students can apply for ‘Women in Architecture,’ ‘Residential Interior Design’ and ‘Sustainable Design’ scholarships.

ALO ALTO, Calif. – Houzz has announced Houzz Scholarships, a program that supports the next generation of students studying architecture, interior design and landscape architecture.

Houzz will award three $2,500 scholarships in the categories of ‘Women in Architecture,’ ‘Residential Interior Design’ and ‘Sustainable Design.’ Houzz plans to award these scholarships biannually in the spring and fall, and is now accepting applications for Spring 2017.

12 Nov 2016

Garden and backyard features

What features should I have in my garden or backyard?

While landscapes are seen as a primarily aesthetic component, there are additions you can incorporate in your landscape design to make it as functional as possible. The garden can be designed for entertaining and playtime with seating, dining areas, play spaces and sunny relaxation spots. A vegetable or flower garden is a common yard staple, especially if you add an interesting element like a pergola, arbor, walkway or fence. If you’re looking for lively landscape decorating ideas, consider adding fun accessories like birdbaths and feeders. For the ultimate party house, incorporate a pool and patio, or consider a deck with a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, barbecue and/or outdoor kitchen. If you’re an active, sports-loving family, add a basketball or volleyball court, or set up a bocce ball or croquet area. And don’t forget about furniture! A bench in a garden makes a great reading or meditation spot, while a weatherproof chaise lounge, sofa and chair are nice for soaking up those sunny days.
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11 Nov 2016

A Simple Lawn Sit Out

Classic cut lines give a neat snappy look to this lawn. The opposite side sports a uncluttered sit out space or even a spot where family and friends can have a meal or a party. Sharp lines give this space a contemporary look.


06 Nov 2016

Rustic Pebble Path

A delectable small pebbled path leading to the backyard from the villa. The shrubs and the one tree make it a kind of path though actually it is part of a bigger space. Just another idea of small ideas that can really make your pathways attractive. Mild lighting along the path would make it just fantastic. Maybe even a small water feature running over the pebbles! Maybe in the next facelift…. 🙂

05 Nov 2016

Small rock garden

Here is a small moss covered landscape with a water feature and gravel. Rock gardens are unique growing environments, and not all plants will appreciate the arid conditions. In addition to alpine plants, there are some ground covers that flourish in these conditions and can create interesting, low-maintenance and miniature gardens.

04 Nov 2016


A beautiful, contemporary, clean landscaped corner with astonishing colors. I love the bunch of greens and the small water body and the clean cut lines which at the same time make it homely and earthy. Not our work but its definitely quite interesting!
Box cut lines

02 Nov 2016

Natural stone pavers

Inspiration for a traditional shaded landscape  with natural stone pavers. A small pathway leading upto the house adds that delightful warmth to your home’s approach.Almost like a small walk in the forest.


01 Nov 2016


Sometimes on split level homes it becomes quite expensive to level the land. Here’s a very low cost alternative. A rustic stone wall that leads to the lawn. This way you retain the split level which in my opinion is much better that flattenned land. The stone wall gives your landscape a charm and lets you create individual space as well.


29 Oct 2016

Elegant Pathways

Its a good thing that I constantly try and do small one off assignments. They give me great joy and the freedom to be creative and elegant. Elegant is key I think in ensuring that landscapes retain their warmth and homeliness. This small pathway illustrates just that….what do you think?


28 Oct 2016


Here’s a thought. Instead of pouring concrete all over your front approach or your backyard path, try breaking the monotony with a garden path and natural stone pavers…


Thought for the day…
Think about what your family would like to have in your landscape the most, as well as what would help you get a better value for resale value in the long run. When it comes to landscapes, make sure to consider different front and backyard ideas, as they these are separate idea spaces and cater to different moods for the home.