Jan 12, 2017
Brown Auditorium in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Houston, TX

Charles A. Birnbaum, FASLA, FAAR, president and CEO of The Cultural Landscape Foundation, will deliver the River Oaks Garden Club’s Annual Sadie Gwin Blackburn Environmental Seminar. Drawing heavily on the work of The Cultural Landscape Foundation with many of our collaborators, this lecture, entitled “Make Visible, Instill Value, and Engage the Public in Our Shared Landscape Heritage”, will highlight a diversity of resource types throughout Houston, Texas and the Nation, emphasizing stewardship strategies and opportunities for public engagement.

Topics to be addressed:

What is the foundational knowledge that informs stewardship/interpretation of our landscape legacy? How do we assign value and assess significance for landscapes like Hermann Park and Rienzi? How can we work (and communicate) holistically across multiple disciplines? How do we make a landscape’s layers of history, (a.k.a. “palimpsest”), at a cultural landscape like Memorial Park or Emancipation Park known and understood? Then, armed with this foundational knowledge, how can we tell these stories to the broadest possible public?